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Terms of Use

  1. All files are available free of charge to any interested parties. Please sign in before accessing these files.

  2. If a translation is used as a reference in a published work, both the translator and this website should be cited in the acknowledgments. This serves two purposes:

    1. it gives credit to the people who worked and/or paid to have the article translated and
    2. it assigns responsibility to the source, so that any errors may be corrected expediently.

    3. Such an acknowledgment might appear thus: “Translations of Laurel (1945) and Hardy (1946) were by A. M. Smith and obtained courtesy of the Polyglot Paleontologist website (http://www.paleoglot.org).”

  3. Keep in mind that few people, including some of those who attempt these translations, are completely fluent in a foreign language. In addition, some languages use constructions that are not conducive to straightforward rephrasing in English. Errors and awkward wordings will occasionally occur.

  4. Any problems, comments, or emendations should be directed to the webmaster of this site, who will then communicate (as appropriate) with the translator(s).

  5. Whenever possible, please refer other interested parties directly to this site, rather than distribute copies of the translations yourself. This helps maintain support and use of this site.